Much done today. I process
ed a batch of cornichon pickles early this morning, lost one of two pints in the water bath broken jar, clean break. I reclaimed it as a refrigerator jar with new seasonings and vinegar. Bone soup chicken noodle veggie soup, tasty with tiny vermicelli noodles.
My own tenor ukulele was broken last night, not sure how, perhaps in the voyage. The rib above the sound hole came loose with a piece of the soundboard attached. I cut and sanded new wedge braces with twisted wires to install and hold everything in place. I used the glue syringe with extension tube to apply the glue, clamped into place. After a few hours dry time it’s OK. The seams are there, but it plays well restrung.
Meanwhile, I sanded the bass uke neck head flush using the lapidary sander. I also centered the two side molds and sanded them even while clamped, drilled two holes and pegged them, ready to be wide even molds for the hot bent sides and lacquered.
I lacquered the second tenor ukulele more with a new can of off brand lacquer, worked alright with a wide spread nozzle. It’s looking really good.
I picked up a couple lamb chops in the discount section, cooked them up. One for now, one for tomorrow lunch, really tasty stuff. A couple small red potatoes nuked, needs a veggie. I have an artichoke in the garden, perfect. Boiled until the inner leave comes loose, cut in half and the choke removed with a spoon. A wedge of butter in the cavity and on the potatoes, I’ll eat well tomorrow. Tuesday is enchiladas for the gang. I like to cook.

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