Returned from a trip to Michigan, Family Reunion, great time. Elliot gave me his first class ticket coming home, that was cool, first time.

It’s really hot here today, 102, so I took a shower with my clothes on. I was actually cold for 15 minutes. Then comfortable the rest of the day.

I made a batch of breakfast burritos to freeze and chicken enchiladas for the work gang, one without dairy for Alan. I’m soaking a nice batch of small gherkins I bought at the farmers market in salt to process into cornichons tomorrow. And working on some chicken bone soup broth.

I put the first few coats of lacquer on the second tenor ukulele today after filling, sanding and tack ragging it clean. I cut a piece of rosewood into a nut for a violin on the table saw for my friend Warren at work. I used the surface sander to get it close to perfect 8 mm x 9 mm. I like that machine. I used it to get the two wings for the bass head smooth and flat to be glued to the neck. But I needed to cut the heel to match the width of the sides while flat before I glued the head wings up. It’s drying, with enough excess to bring it all into smooth.
A fine day, more to do tomorrow.

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