Wow, I got a lot done! Cornichons pickles, 2 pints, Chicken bone veggie soup with noodles, 3 buckets, Ravioli Bolognese lasagna, 2 lunches, a Corned beef brisket, that’s cooking.
Yesterday I got a hair cut. I polished my shoes, ironed my newish jacket somewhat. Laundry is done, with a second single batch to get the wrinkles out of my khaki pants. I still can’t find my bathing suit, I’ll borrow Sam’s.
I watered the roses, feijoa guava and avocado plant, cleared the garden sprinkler line, weeded the garden some, thinned the pear tree. Then picked out all the grass seeds from my shoes and socks.  I have two artichokes ready with a third coming in, ate a big one one last week.
Woodworking, I glued in another loose rib in the tenor ukulele, with another angled piece to get. These came loose as I installed the bridge yesterday, more glue next time, coming right up. The tenor is nearly ready for lacquer after I masking tape down the fret board, to be oiled later.
I sanded down the bass head using the belt sander to remove the chip outs from the power plane. I glued the bass neck up with risers for the heel, where the neck meets the body. I had to add three to make it wide enough for the deep bass body. I’ll cut the slots for the Spanish heel, where the curved sides connect to the neck next. Then I’ll add the maple wings to the head, after it’s a square heel cut. The heel cuts should just fit the sides using the thin kerf blade.
I sanded the walnut panels friend Wayne cut for me. It’s a slow process on the surface sander I built, but the parts are accurate and flat to 2.5 mm. They are book matched close, though one side has a small knot, they’ll be fine. I trimmed them down on the table saw with a few passes to get the edges as straight as possible, then cut them to width at 3.25 inches. They’re nearly ready to bend.
I want to cut the neck kerf to make sure they fit before I bend them with the hot tube. Wayne said the walnut turns to rubber under the heat. The mold is mostly ready, needs a shot of lacquer to keep the moisture out. I sliced the remaining walnut pieces in half, knots and all, to be bent to become the linings for the sides to meet the front and back.
I’m ready for Michigan, lunches, then some.
And my hearing is returning, even better. A great day.

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