6/18/2017 Dad’s day

It’s freaking hot here, 104 degrees F. But it’s been a good day/weekend. This morning I boiled up some potatoes and eggs for a potato salad before it got too hot. Then off to town for coffee after throwing in the Sunday laundry.
There is a wood shop here in Geyserville going out of business, two guys inherited their Dad’s shop, ready to move on. I picked up a couple routers in need and a very cool power planer, plus some lumber, redwood, jacoba, mahogany, zebra and maple. The planer was the cream for $11, I went back and dropped a twenty, $31 for a tool that costs $600, wow. I pushed it over a weathered redwood stick, new smooth in two passes. This thing will make gate wood smooth so fast. I plan to make a bench top jointer attachment, researching. Such a good tool.
Yesterday I made a batch of breakfast burritos, eggs with garden tarragon and sage, Dunkin’s mushrooms and fried onions, a ham steak cubed and browned, raw fried shredded potatoes with unexpected cheddar. Yum. Seven frozen and ready after I ate one, these are good.
I picked up a new 21″ display at Goodwill. It works great for home movies Netflix and Youtube wide screen, and a Harris tweed jacket for summertime mornings with pockets.
Today I made the potato salad and grilled a chicken picnic set on sale using the charcoal BBQ in the driveway to keep it fire safe. Tuesday lunch for the gang.
I cut yet another piece of bone from the dog bone and sanded it on the lapidary to create a nut for the tenor 2 ukulele, sanded smooth to 600 grit shining. This dog bone has been a good resource.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Also finished cutting the U-bass mold.
And gluing up the U=bass neck scarf joint.
I wedged another glue joint rib. I made a glue attachment for a syringe I bought at Garret’s using a long brass tube cut with a 90 degree angle on an angle to get deep inside for a smooth glue job. another good tool, but cleaning it is a challenge.
It’s too hot to cook lunches for the week, Dinty More store bought will have to do.

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