A productive day, I got up late, nice. A simple breakfast of potato, onions and sausage. To town, on a mission, breakfast burritos for work. Coffee at Bucky’s, then straight to the dollar store for supplies. No eggs today, but they have the Jimmy Dean sausages I tried at breakfast, they’re good. Cool, they have flour tortillas, a can of refried beans, a jar of mild salsa I didn’t use and some shortbread cookies I like. Safeway has a dozen eggs, a baguette and some mushrooms. More gas I used up going to Oakland then home.
I made up 8 burritos using the above plus an onion and garden herbs of tarragon and sage in the six scrambled eggs. For cheese I used unexpected cheddar which pushed it over the top. I ate the one that was falling apart, so good, bagged and froze the rest.
I planned on a lasagna lunch for the gang at TJ’s. Chopped another onion, Dad’s spring garlic from the garden, herbs, burger, tomato sauce, paste, bay leaves 2, a ray of star anise and the rest of the mushrooms. TJ fat noodles to boil. Mozzarella sticks grated, Parmesan grated, provolone slices ready. Alan is lactose free, I made a small box of just more done noodles and sauce. Then I layered on the sauce, noodles, cheese, sauce, noodles, cheese, sauce, noodles, cheese, sauce, and cheese to top it. Baked in the oven at 375, then cranked to 400. Beautiful even after it chilled.
Laundry in, uke time. I found a large paper clip fits the holes I drilled in the fret board of tenor uke 2. Clipped a couple pieces sanded smooth, ready. Preclamped to get it right. Here goes, glue on and clamped, wet towel and a dry one. Let it set. This time the clip wires keep it in place. There are still some gaps to fill, but it’s a good joint.
I finished sanding the bass back board on the surfacer and some final hand sanding to get it flush. I laid out the pattern with plenty of free board, then cut it on the bandsaw. A quick sand on the lapidary sander to get the burrs off.
Wayne said it was walnut, he’s right. Doug Lash gave me a big piece of walnut to fix a harp. I sanded it through the surfacer to get it smooth. The grain matches perfectly. This will be the sides of the bass, Wayne said he’ll cut a couple slices. There’s plenty of room at 3 1/4 required with 4+ stock.
I glued the second and cut the first side mold piece on the band saw. It looks good, partly sanded down, center in pic above.
There are still wasps alive on the vardo. I’m not ready to cover it with tarps. Back to town for some foam spray and a can of mahogany putty. They’re dead now.
The uke 2 is ready to sand down the putty. A good seal, scraping the joint where the neck meets the body using my pocket knife. It’s not perfect but will play well. I wedged and glued another rib in place as it’s moving inside.
I need to make sure the ribs are solid in the future, mind this one was soaked to remove the fret board.
Crostinis cut and baked, ready for the week.

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