Another good day. I got up early for a Sunday. Trader Joe’s breakfast burrito and into town by 8:30 for coffee.
Home, I made a batch of beef stew and called Cathy. She needs my wheelbarrow next weekend to move some huge boulders they bought, the biggest at 800 lbs. That will need more than a wheelbarrow. Rocks for the garden, OK.
As I cooked up a hamburger steak and pan fries, the landlord showed up. He has a circuit for his boat he repaired, a DC supply, it has a cold solder joint I fixed, should work now.
Tasty lunch. Another burger for tomorrow bagged, 30 cent bun bagged, tomato slice, lettuce from Michael’s garden, cheese all in a small container ready.
I sanded the soundboard fir some more on the surfacer to get the two matched pieces even.
I cut out the paper bass pattern I printed to scale, marked out the sound board book matched pieces, numbered 1-4 with a cutout line located. Cut to length on the table saw. Next I flush sanded the edges with the sanding block square, mated even. I used the four slats and string to mock up the clamping procedure, setting the rolling hitch knot in the right place to slide and lock. Wedges set up to tighten it all and hold it down in the center flush. Tear it down carefully. Ready, glue it, string, tight, wedges, perfect, wait. One setting, the other numbered book match waiting.
The tenor uke has some loose ribs, I can hear them rattling. I make a stick the right length with a vee notch partly to align then lock down with a twisted wire to help locate the wedge in the body. I push some glue in with a coffee stick and wedge it in place. Inside it’s not pretty, but mostly hard to see. Better that it sounds good. I bleached the fret board, I’ll wait to attach it until I know it’s all right.
I have a couple pieces of matched dark hard wood, I don’t know what they are yet but they’re pretty to make a back board. I surface sand the thicker one down to match the other one. Nice stuff. Cut to length, edge sanded flush, glued up on the slat string clamp. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I laid out the soundboard with the pattern and cut it out with about a half inch clearance on the bandsaw. It will need surface sanding.
I found a piece of MDX and a matching piece of 1/2″ ply wood. I cut them to match for a bass side mold. Sawn in half and re drawn ready to glue, one half done. The bass mold in process.
I glued up the book matched hardwood back in the string frame. That’s a lot done on the bass, top cut, bottom ready, mold in process, The tenor 2 is getting ready.
I messed with the router attachment, I’m thinking a threaded rod nutted, and reduced to a smooth diameter to make a rosette groove. Freehand for inlays.
A very productive day.

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