Last night I got home to Joe’s car in my spot, OK. I parked in his spot. We talked out back in the room with a view. He spent the night, mostly in his car though the couch was extended. In the morning he showed up with Flying Goat coffee, alright.
We headed to town for the farmer’s market, Duncan’s mushrooms, zucchini, some carrots and a small cabbage. A stop at the Dollar Store stuff and Safeway for some chicken. Joe bought breakfast at the Mexican restaurant, carnitas and fixings we shared, plenty.
Back home, I cooked up a batch of chicken veggie noodle soup and another batch of broccoli cheese soup for lunches. We enjoyed both with crackers out back.
I started working on the second tenor ukulele, a problem as the soundboard has discolored red when I soaked it to release the fret board that slid during glue up. The oxalic acid removed the worst stain but spread it over the top of the soundboard in an even red stain. I tried boiling mahogany several times, some with acid, to get a stain close. I finally found some of the original neck stock and used it. The acid changed the original color, but this will do, even with a touch of acid, still not quite, several coats, hides it somewhat.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Meanwhile, I’ve been working on making the next project, a ukulele bass. These things are cool, a full bass guitar but small, a 20+ inch scale length, no finger stretch but all the sound with really fat strings. I drew it up at work using the new CAD program. That was a challenge.
Joe gave me a piece of doug fir week before last, Wayne cut it in thirds, enough for three soundboards. Today I surfaced the book matched set down to near 3 mm. This is enough for two matched soundboards with one more off set to be surfaced.
I also glued the tenor fret board back together a little where the four day soaking let it loose.
 Also the body top and bottom glued to the sides in a couple places.
I drilled a couple small holes in the fret board, one where I removed a fret and another through the ebony dot. I inserted a piece of wire to hold the fret board in place during glue up as I should have done before. I still need to flatten the fingerboard to fit flush, but mostly T2 is ready for re glue.
A good day. More fun tomorrow.

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