5/29/2017 Memorial Day

I’m a Great Uncle, Sean, born the 26th, way to go Amber, my niece.
Wayne sent me a picture of the fir sound board stock he cut for me for the bass ukulele. That looks beautiful! Thinnest is 3.8 mm plenty thick enough to surface sand to 2 mm. Three sound boards. This is good.
Fir Stock
Arcata’s Almquist Lumber wasn’t open Sunday for the Holiday, bummer. The two velvet horn stag deer in the fenced yard made it worth stopping to look. I did get a chance to check out a bass ukulele at Wildwood Music, a CK, not a Kama.  Cross braced under the sound hole, one rib was cracked. I let the staff know, their repair team will get it. Piezo pickup under the bridge wired to the EQ, nice, made in China. The sound was good acoustically. Bananas at Large didn’t have one in stock.
Oh, a Wildwood tip, use Lava soap for peg dope on violins, etc, they didn’t have any for Warren. The pumice makes the peg tuners friction fit. A maker tip.
Other good thing, I picked up a small Dremel router attachment I had loaned to my late friend Charlie, he won’t need it. Special thanks to mate Amaranta. It has an aluminum adapter I made to fit my 1″ dia. Foredom. It’s useful for inlays and can be adapted for cutting sound hole rosettes with a little modification. I need to see if it also can fit my cheap Dremel knock off. Should be (and has been) a useful luthier tool.
A good long weekend, in memory of those who fought to protect our freedom, Charlie among them. Blessings.

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