5/21/ 2017

Another good weekend. Listening to 70s rock on Youtube, good tunes.
I did a lot of cooking and uke work. Yesterday I cut a couple pieces of fir for a bass ukulele soundboard, again for the mahogany back.  Using the surface sander, over and over until it reached the two millimeter point.  I printed the pattern I worked out on the cad program at work, scissor cut out, one side is 1/16th too short, dang. I can either use the smaller lining measurement or get another soundboard. I need to lower the sound hole in the CAD program so it’s proportional, easy. I glued up the fret board on the second tenor with a major mistake. Wayne told me to drill a couple pin holes in open frets so it wouldn’t slide. I didn’t leave any open frets. When I glued it, it slid, now I’m soaking the neck in a bucket to loosen up the glue. What a mess.
So cooking went well. I made a batch of bean bacon soup from scratch dry beans, turned out great with two big buckets. I bought a chicken on sale and brined it last night, 1/4 C salt, less than that of sugar, a couple fat garlic cloves smashed, garden thyme, juniper berries and allspice crushed in spoons, all in a gallon (16 C) of water. Big bagged in the fridge overnight.
This morning I finished making the bean soup. Then made a large batch of hamburger stroganoff gravy with the sour cream held back as Alan is lactose intolerant. Rotini pasta works al dente for the lunch gang. We can add the sour cream last minute.
Joe called, he needs a pop riveter I have. Great, be good to see him. I’ll bring the brined chicken. Daughter Haven has returned from East, good to see her again. I brought my working tenor uke for us to play and the pattern for the bass. Joe gave me a fine piece of aged quarter sawn fir for sound boards. I’ll need Wayne’s help to re saw it but it’s a fine soundboard piece.
We baked the chicken with veggies, really not enough for eight people, but potato salad and rolls filled it out. The chicken was good, moist and tasty.
The fret board is being difficult to release. In a bucket now, I’ll get it.
I’m excited about making a bass ukulele next.

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