I’ve been cooking a lot this weekend. I worked a half day yesterday and cooked up some roasted BBQ-ed chicken thighs for the gang, along with some baked potatoes. I saved the chicken juices from the pan and fridged it to separate.
I’ve also been working on the second ukulele. Yesterday I glued down the ribs to the sound board and back, looking good.
This morning I checked it out in better light, one of the lower angle ribs is over the bridge support, not good. I put a piece of wet paper towel on it to loosen the glue for awhile, loose. I scraped the old glue off and dried it in the sun. Sanded smooth again, I re glued the angle rib with the sandbag to hold it in place.
Meanwhile, I made a gravy out of the congealed chicken juices, scraping off the thick layer of cold chicken fat down to the gelled aspic cleanly separated. Aspic in the small fry pan, with just a little bit of the fat to melt. Flour and water, blended and dribbled in slowly, mixing fast to avoid lumps, thickening the gravy. Just a bit more salt made it perfect, into a tub sealed. It will need nuking to make it liquid again.
We need a veggie for the work lunch, bok choy is in season and cheap now, that works. I chopped off the root stock, washed each leaf, V cut the leaves off and chopped them, bowled. Next I cut the stalks into bite size pieces. Needs garlic, I chopped two fat cloves. In the wok, canola oil, the garlic to meld, stalks in awhile to soften a bit, then the leaves to wilt. Soy sauce should be enough to keep it simply flavorful, bowl it with a lid. That lunch is ready, BBQ chicken, baked potatoes with gravy, sour cream, butter, scallions, and bok choy. Perfect.
The ukulele ribs are dry now. I dry fitted the soundboard to the uke body using a slide clamp to bring in the waist to fit the ribs. Using the big rubber bands and string with flat sticks beneath to hold the soundboard down. It’s almost ready. Yesterday I routed out and filed the fret board using a made jig to clear the thickness of the sound board. I need to file the sound board flat at the neck perfect to meet the fret board, done. I’m ready to glue the sound board. Towels, wet and dry, here we go. Glue applied, sticks and rubber bands, string wrapped, wow. We wait.
Back to the kitchen. A batch of chicken and veggie soup. The usual, with a bit of bok choy, three buckets left after a bowl for lunch. Crostinis baked, a baguette stale from yesterday, olive oil, salt, garlic powder, basil, toasted. The bread ends were good dipped in the excellent soup.
I need to use up the TJ’s pot pie ravioli. An Alfredo sauce would fit, butter in the pan, garlic, a little flour rue to keep it from separating, half and half, then grated Parmesan cheese, good sauce. The ravioli boiled, two tasty buckets ready for lunches.
Checking on the ukulele, off the string and rubber bands. The lower left side didn’t stick. I add some glue with a stick and clamp it with the big wooden clamp. Wipe it down with a wet paper towel.
I played with my Rpi computer as it dried. Gary’s old speakers will work great for sound. I still can’t get this thing to run Netflix, fighting Chrome. I’ll re flash the SD card tomorrow to start over as Youtube used to work.
The ukulele build is coming along, the sound board is on. Dry fitted the ribbed back, it’s a little wider but fits nudged. The fret board will be a great fit with the notch to fit the soundboard. The router and jig was the right tool to use. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Much done, with lunches ready, laundry done, another week begins. I still need to glue the back, but it fits. Then the bridge needs making. This will be a great instrument as I plan to lower the bridge more to improve the action. Sweet.

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