I spent the day finishing a fence for a friend at work, the back fence. It’s just a couple prefab panels from Home Depot like she wanted. The challenge was getting two 6′ x 8′ panels in my truck, driving them across town and unloading them by myself. Slowly. It worked out, they’re up, 4 inch nails drilled into the 4 x 4s, one I planted yesterday with concrete. What to do with the left over fence cement, I filled a couple pot holes in my road home, why not.
I stopped at a friends house in town to drop off a ukulele I got at Sally’s before they shut it down, I miss it. An instrument for his daughter. I lowered the nut to improve the action, nice solid instrument.
Home, I made some chicken, rice and cucumber pickle for tomorrow’s lunch, a batch of chicken veggie rice soup. The laundry is folded.
I sanded the ebony inlayed dots on the maple fret board using my surface sander, then sanded them smooth with 220 and 320 grits. Frets next. I sanded the Doug fir sound board down, truing the 63 mm sound hole with sand paper, all to 320 grit. This is my second uke. The rest of it is mahogany. The arched body is Spanish heeled on the neck ready for top and bottom. I still need to cut and form the ribs. I really enjoy making instruments. And cooking.

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