Easter 4/16/2017


Happy Easter! Not much of a weekend as I had to work yesterday morning. I did sleep in a bit. In the afternoon I did my taxes, last minute but done. After that I took a walk to the river, it’s way different and strong yet. The slope we used to collect rocks above the fire pit is now a treacherous cliff over looking the water, washed out and cracked ready to break. The road is a gravel wash. There’s a beach further down stream now about where the path down comes out. Different, still beautiful. Vinkas are out in purple.

I brined a whole chicken last night, cooked a batch of spaghetti sauce and rented Rogue One on youtube, Hmm, you can rent movies.
I woke up this morning to a cold house raining outside so I roasted the bird just to warm up, along with some baked potatoes. I called Cathy, there’s a party in Oakland, I’m not up for it. I’d rather cook.
To town for Bucky’s coffee, green beans, mushrooms and a search for sorghum grain I couldn’t find. They had a mix at Big John’s, but I want to try popping it like popcorn. I bought some hardware to build a 5/8 saw arbor for the ukulele slotting blade I got from Amazon. I had to order bearing blocks, another week or two, but there’s time.
I ran into a coworker friend from previous work, Gary, good to see him, a fisherman.
Back home, I carved the cooled bird and cooked the carcass into a bone broth. I fridged the pan and removed most of the fat, made gravy with flour water, salty enough with the brine. French cut the green beans and went with a Japanese sesame and soy sauce recipe, wok fried. Work Tuesday menu for the lunch gang, brined roasted chicken, baked potatoes with butter, garden chives, sour cream, lactose free chicken gravy and sesame green beans. It’s good.
Next up, Pasta y Fagioli, my favorite soup. Bacon ends and pieces from TJ’s is a good deal, it’s just bacon, cut and fried up to crispy. Onions, mushrooms, carrots, some of the green beans, a zucchini quarter sliced, a celery stalk, garlic, garden herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage), a can of cannellini beans, macaroni noodles prepped separately, a squeeze of tomato paste and all that glorious chicken bone broth. Oh my, so good with sour dough bread to dip.
I chopped up the rest of the baguette and toasted a crostini batch with olive oil, salt, basil and garlic powder.
Laundry done and folded.
It would be cool to do some ukulele work, I clamped the neck to the sides jig and tightened it until the jig is flat not warped. I fitted the sides and cut a few small wedges of mahogany on the bandsaw for the inside, hand sanded to a chisel point to fit. These will keep the sides tight to the outside neck joint. Glue applied, fitted in. Wedges on the bottom to keep everything to the center line. To dry.
I’d like to add some dots to the white maple fret board. I dig out a black ebony piano key from the can I have Joe gave me, cut the ends square on the band saw and chuck it up to the lathe square jaw. I turn it down to a 1/4 inch and slice it up with a jeweler’s saw, six rounds ready to inlay.
I played around with the Raspberry Pi computer, checking on Youtube, it works, but is a bit slow on movies. I’m hoping to make it my bedroom TV rather than my tiny iPhone. Rpi won’t play Netflix easily but Youtube works. A work in progress.
Laundry folded, a good day.
Resurrection. Easter.

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  1. sounds like a good Easter overall! Our roast lamb was great, the gang assembled was a good one. We toasted you and said the Porter grace, “this meal is the labor of countless beings….” doc

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