Fun times, I cooked up a batch of chicken leg quarters with garlic, soy, lemon marmalade and fresh lemon juice, oven roasted with a butternut squash on the side halved and olive oiled to bake.
Meanwhile, Elliot’s Mom sent me her Christmas red cabbage recipe. I acquired everything and made it, onions, oil, red cabbage fine cut, a granny smith apple, apple cider vinegar, sugar, red wine, cloves, (I added allspice), juniper, nutmeg, cinnamon, some chicken stock in a jar and black current jam. It’s an overnight recipe, and tastes wonderful.
As Ana at work recommended Trader Joe’s fresh ravioli near the cheese section, I cooked up a bolognese batch with tomato sauce of dried garlic, oregano and basil, simple but a tasty snack and another lunch saved.
I picked some asparagus out back in the places I know it grows, three big pieces. Back to the store for enough more to make a meal side.
On the uke, I worked a lot on the neck, shaping the heel. I also cut all the curved linings to fit inside the sides to the neck. I sanded down the mahogany back in the surface sander until it’s smooth and about 2 mm. I glued up the front doug fir panel with slats, string and wedges.
This morning I finished up the red cabbage by adding the black current jam, mixing it in while heating. It tastes great. I steamed the asparagus with lemon and salt. I have a fine meal for the lunch gang prepared, lemon marmalade roast chicken, butternut squash, red cabbage and steamed asparagus with fresh lemon juice. Wow, it is good.
A beef stew made, carrots, onions, red potatoes, celery, zucchini, garlic and garden herbs, Plenty More Beef Stew, three buckets and lunch.
More work on the ukulele, I rounded the neck with the draw shave, rasps and sandpaper. It seems comfortable, but still a little flat to secure the fret board. I glued in the bent linings using the frame to hold the shape with clothes pins and a spring clamp.
I ran out of room on the back and just used the outer frame and some clamps to hold to sides to their shape.
You can see the lower lining installed. I added a little glue using card stock scrap and clamped the lining down where it was loose.
After that I set up the side jig. The plywood is warped so I clamped it down with a block to hold it up while the clamp brings it back to flat, an error in my first uke. I sanded down the neck joints as I won’t be able to once it’s attached, 320 grit. I’ll wait to glue it up to be sure.
Just for fun, I cooked up a batch of rice, thoroughly rinsed. Rice vinegar, sugar and salt heated to dissolve. I made sushi, a simple carrot sticks, cucumber and smoked salmon with the rice on nori rolled. It turned out great with soy sauce.
I surface sanded the glued up Doug fir soundboard flat to 2 mm. As I used up Joe’s sides, I surface sanded a nice piece of mahogany from really rough to a fine piece of workable wood. Ready for another side or face, sweet wood. In the background of the ready jig.
A really productive weekend.

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