Another interesting day. I got up a little early for a Sunday, but later by an hour as it’s that time shift day. I finished making a batch of bean with bacon soup, the laundry in. I cleaned out the freezer and threw last years last corned beef on the counter to thaw. To town for coffee and some onions, a cheap cabbage for the corned beef.
Home, corned beef on to boil.
I added a couple head side pieces to the mahogany ukulele neck I started yesterday with glue and clamped it up. Yesterday I pushed a piece of mahogany through the surface sander on all sides after truing it on the table saw. Cut to length, then cut an angle for the scarf joined head, sanded flat on sandpaper clamped to the bench. I added a couple blocks on the other end for the curved heal of the neck where it joins the body with glue. Today’s extensions allow room for a wider head.
Yesterday I figured out how to play “Puff the Magic Dragon”, Peter, Paul and Mary, Raven’s cousin Paul’s song, Peter’s really. But I learned it, needs a lot of practice to smooth it out.
So today I went to visit Pat and Barry Kempker, my previous boss. I brought Pat a jar of Meyermalade. She traded me a jar of fig jam, mm, sounds good. I wanted to show Barry the bass as he gave me the template for the body style, a Fender Strat. I brought along the tenor ukulele I built and the Kamaka ukulele. Barry has a full 18 guitar collection, great to see the details of so many gits, inlays, body styles, head designs and the finishes. Wow.
Back home, I worked on the mahogany neck, measuring the plan and transferring the marks to the wood from centers. OK, I cut it out with the band saw close to the line and sanded it on the drill small round and larger lapidary sanders to a fair shape. It needs more finish shaping, but it’s close.
Yesterday I cut the the third steamed side into quarters and sanded them smooth to use as linings for the sides instead of kerfing. Here is a picture of the neck and linings.
The corned beef turned out great with potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage. Munched a bunch and set aside a full lunch and fixings for a CB hash breakfast. Another great day.

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