Well dang, the marmalade scorched just a little bit. I stepped out in the sunshine at the wrong time, just a minute. A couple pieces of rind got dark, I pulled them out. It tastes OK, but it’s a little dark. Not perfect like the last batch. Lesson, don’t leave it when it’s close, keep stirring. Eight and a half cups.
I also made a batch of soup, mushroom with bacon, including potatoes and celery, creamed. Wow, this stuff is good. Bacon aside, onions, mushrooms, celery, herbs, garlic, chicken broth base, white wine, throw in a couple red potatoes diced small until tender. Bacon in, half and half, thicken with flour water, a lump of butter, green onions. Yum with baguette.
I re soldered the bass with twisted pairs, I also fixed the ground bar in the bridge, soldered it back together. The hum is greatly improved, although if you tweak the pots it comes back a bit. Setting the volume on max and the tone up stops it, so that’s better than before. Much improved, not perfect. I’ll ask around.
What to do, in the shop Joe tried to bend some sides for a ukulele, didn’t get it right, why not. I broke out the hot tube 200 watt lamp and wet down the wood at the faucet. Also rinsed out the casserole pan the cat’s been drinking from and filled it. In the shop I heated the wood on the tube until it bent easy, heating it more from the back and bending it hard for the central waist. Fitted to the form, adjusted with more water and the heat, about right. Next I heated and bent the big lower bout, matched to the form, a little less at the base bent out. Finishing the upper bout the same way until it fit the form. I clamped the inner piece to hold it in place and separated the form to do the other side. Same process, clamped in place and left to dry.
Digging around I found two fine pieces of doug fir suitable for a sound board. Wayne had cut them out and they were already sanded flat, but still too thick for a sound board. I fired up the surface sander and pushed them through until they reached two and a half millimeters. I’ll take them down to two after they are glued together.
Laundry done and folded away.
To town but wait. My headlamp is out, I bought a new one yesterday. I dug out a crescent wrench and screw driver. Disconnect the battery ground, move the battery and windshield wash tank, pull the plug. Unscrew the bezel three screws enough. Pull the old one rattling and install the new one in reverse order. Good to go. I reset the clock and radio stations in town.
Much done, a good day as I write this.

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