My sister Cathy gave me 4 pounds of lemons, a big batch. Prepped and soaking for processing tomorrow. Should be good.
A visit with Joe and Cat today, to borrow his amp, and visit. We played the new ukulele.
By the way, when I took it to work, first thing on the way in, I ran in to Toki, she plays uke. “It’s tuned an octave low!” She was right, I re tuned it at lunch, sounds great. I did break the bass G string later but have another one I had ordered, now it plays great and loud.
Joe’s neighbor’s peacock was visiting, a bit of a nuisance attacking Cat, I shewed it home with a rake. Cat’s OK.
Back home, I opened up the bass guitar and lined the electronics cavity with foil. It’s still humming in the potentiometers. Tomorrow I’ll twist all the wires, shorten and star them from one point, hoping that fixes the hum.
Lemons sliced to process into Meyermalade, all from Aunt Mary’s tree, another pure batch. Hoping it turns out fabulous.

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