I’m getting close to done. Today I tried to lacquer the uke under the open garage door in the rain. This proved to be futile. The neck did fine as it has enough mass to stay warm long enough. The body was a problem, where ever it’s thin wood, it would cool and condense making the finish dull. I finally sprayed the lacquer, then ran in the house to let it dry warm. This worked great on the sides and back.
I’m having trouble in front as I got some runs. I sanded them out, but hit bare wood in a couple spots. This is a problem as they suck it up but the surrounding finish gets deeper.
Very little control with a spray can. I’m letting it dry overnight solid, then I’ll sand it back to hopefully an even layer. I may even have to take it all the way to bare wood and start over. It looks beautiful on the back.
I also noticed with it hanging up, the body is slightly warped forward, nothing I can do about that. I could lower the bridge with a file, but I think it will be alright. I’m learning. It’s going to be a fine instrument for fun.

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