I got ten more boards rough sanded today on Mira’s gate, total 14 of 32, a few hours. Here is the plan.
My buddy Joe showed up, We played the new bass, he was impressed with it. It’s hard playing bass, a stretch and huge strings wear your fingers out but good fun. I guess with practice.
I also turned another strap button on my lathe out of rosewood. Now I have the last two pieces, just needing a couple pan head screws to complete the bass.
It will need a strap and peripherals, but the instrument is mostly ready. It still needs to be set up with truss rod adjustments and additional fret work, possibly a shim under the nut. I’m not sure. I need to bring it in to work this week for some professional feedback. A full year in the making.
Cooking was a fun weekend, two chickens on sale at 79 cents a pound. I brined one, left the other one. I cooked them both today in the oven, 400 backed down to 375. The non brined one was done first at 165 F inside the leg breast. I guess the extra moisture takes longer to cook. I also made a batch of Alfredo sauce, but I used a butter flour roux to keep it from separating, garlic and garden herbs, heavy cream and Parmesan.  Spaghetti noodles on.
Joe showed up in time for lunch of chicken Alfredo. Tasty, though a bit thick on the sauce, thinned. Good thing he can take some home as there’s so much chicken.
He bent some wire card holders as I sanded gate boards, good fun.
Yesterday at Salvation Army I scored a new (to me) cutting board to fit my counter, as well as a clarinet reed head, Good fun noise maker with instrument potential.
A fine weekend.

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