An interesting weekend. Yesterday coffee and shopping, I miss the Saturday farmers market. On the way home I stopped at Sally’s, found a trophy for Cathy’s gang for bowling,
a new miter saw attachment and a seed spreader for Joe. Also a nice pouch I put in the craft box for Raven. I scored a new carbide 10″ saw blade as well. I made a batch of beef stroganoff without the sour cream yet and a bunch of noodles. Alan is lactose intolerant. Me, I’m pepper intolerant. Next I made a chicken soup with some of the noodles, a fine batch.
I worked a bit on the ukulele frame, adding 1/2 inch standoffs of wood and MDF to hold the frame up for attaching the kerf boards to the sides.
Today I headed South as I need to get the pump working on the boat and Mira wants a new gate. A stop at West Marine agreed to exchange the battery charger I bought last week for a new pump, with a ten dollar refund. That worked, with a little jury rigging for now, direct to the old charger, the new pump works fine. Good for the winter rains.
On to Oakland, to Mira and Shira’s place, just a few blocks from Elliot’s. I took measurements for a new gate. They’ve decided to keep it in the same location, the posts will be helpful for installing it. A simple adjustment of the pins around the posts to tune the gate should work. Four inches high to avoid the ground and raise the gate. The plan is a 6 foot arch center up with tangent arches on the sides down of the same radius. Two by four stock for a frame. It will be a good gate. Elliot’s not home, heading North.
A brief stop at Joe’s, he’s not home either, but a call connected us. I left him the seed spreader.
Homeward, to dry the laundry, took a while. I dug out a nice piece of rosewood, cut a chunk and mounted it to the lathe. I used the four jaw chuck to mount the square piece with a live center on the end. Turned, drilled, sanded and cut off. The first piece looks good. I’ll need to make another one, but the stock in the lathe is ready.
A fine day.

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