A productive day. I made 4.8 lbs Meyer lemons into twelve 1 cup jars of marmalade. Same old great stuff with good color. I just thought up a good name for the stuff, Meymerlade, a new brand name, copyright that.
So yesterday (after chopping lemons to pruned fingers) I glued down the nut on the bass guitar. I didn’t use a shim yet, try it raw. First I filed in the notches using Wayne’s spread sheet to calculate equal distances between strings. These bass strings are large so pretty big notches down to a half string close to the size. I glued it in with carpenters glue, just a drop on each end as Chris up North recommended. That way I can get it off if I need shims.
Today, I strung it. As I just researched the proper way I didn’t do it right yet, but I got it connected well enough to get it to play without cutting strings. Some of the frets were buzzing, I filed them down to get a clean tone. Four strings on, I can play it, well sort of, picking out a key. It’s not in tune, just by my ear to get it working, tuned to the fifth fret. But it plays for the first time. This is amazing. I built a guitar and I can crudely play it. A year in the making, it makes music! Wow, well done. I need to add a couple buttons for the strap to be turned of rosewood. I need to restring it properly with the end inside to a fair length. I need a slight shim under the bass string nut and the truss rod will need adjusting to compensate for the tension. But it plays and it’s beautiful. I made a bass guitar and it works. Wow.
I also fidgeted with the Figi cheap ukulele, adding one string. The nut shifted and has been re glued.
Marinated chicken tenders fried, rice and cucumber marinade for lunches. Beef stew yesterday.
Meanwhile, reading the audio book ‘North Water’ by Ian McGuire, a good read gifted by Ran and Shelly.
A fine long Thanksgiving weekend. Of course the smoked turkey turned out perfect.

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