I did a little work on my ukulele fret board today, filling in the piece that broke out with a new piece of rosewood. Tricky as the replacement part broke, I glued it all together with super glue and wood glue for the little piece, then more superglue to fill after sanding some dust in. It’ll be fine.
I visited my friends Joe and Cat, pulled some weeds, found some wood, skipped the boat, good time.
I made a batch of butternut squash soup when I got home, dairy free as Alan is lactose intolerant. I used chicken broth so it’s not vegan. I think I’ll take the batch to work for Tuesday potluck lunch.
I also checked out the string action on the bass with a piece of cotton string. The bone nut is really close once I file in the string slots, it needs a shim. I found some nice thin walnut stock at the door store near Joe’s place and have cut a piece to fit. I’ll need to glue it, maybe with pins to hold it in place. The minor details continue.

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