A good day. Coffee and Farmers Market for the usual. Salvation Army was a few scores, a big 1/2 hp motor, a funky little ukulele needs strings and a new nut. I decided to go back later and picked up the other motor, a 1 hp. They had a chair just like the other wooden one I bought you for Raven, score. It’s a darker color but the same style. We could paint them both black to match the table. So we have four chairs for customers, two and two or a group. Reminds me, I need to weld that table, remove the legs and gas weld it so not to burn the top.
I made some mushroom soup from Duncan’s crimini mushrooms with butter, onions, chicken broth, a garni of thyme and heavy cream. It’s glorious.
I also made a big batch of beef stew. I quartered the small onions from Steve, big pieces, carrots, red potatoes, mushrooms, celery, O cauliflower as I have some, garden green beans, garlic and herbs. I browned the beef a long time for a darker broth, mushrooms and a dash of wine to loosen the pan bottom, broth in for a long time on low to tenderize the beef as I headed back to Sally’s. In with the veggies to simmer.
Outside on the new chair, I glued in the bass frets with super glue on a needle with paper towel to remove the excess just one side. Up to fret 14, I checked on the stew.
It’s mostly done, flour and water to thicken it up, a little more salt. It’ll be good, in batches or the whole thing for the gang, not sure. I’m low on room in the freezer.
I finished gluing the rest of the frets in, they’re not all perfect, but I can’t rip out any more wood, it will play fine. I need to file the frets even next to do.
Joe called, I may be heading for the boat tomorrow to work on it with his help. Should be fun.

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