Mellow day Sunday. I attached the longer threaded 2″ hitch I bought yesterday to the bumper of my truck. I back and filled a bunch of times until I got it lined up. A line in the dirt helped know when I was back far enough. I straightened out the vardo and moved it over just a little, so now there’s room to get the trash can out easy.
I canned two and a half cups of tomato sauce from the landlords patch. I still have a bunch of tomatoes to take to work after giving some to neighbors. I picked more little ones for the work gang as well. The big ones are splitting with the rain last week but they’re still good food. Research on ketchup has me interested.
A batch of beef stew turned out excellent, for lunch and three buckets for work.
I worked on the bass guitar frets, had some trouble there, the first high frets need work, they’re not bent right in place, but when I pulled them the wood chipped out. I filled them with rosewood sawdust and super glue. left to dry. I labeled each fret with blue tape and the fret number. I’ll need to re sand them and re cut them with the fret saw, insert and glue. The stake tool I made of aluminum is working well to get them shaped correctly to reinstall. Frets are a challenge that take practice. This first fretted instrument has flaws. I hope it plays well.
I also transferred the lines on the neck blank for the uke to the bottom so I can cut a tenon on the band saw. I’m still undecided on the neck connection, to use a Spanish notch or a mortice tenon joint.
I got a call from Cathy yesterday, on her cell phone, the 5S shattered screen I fixed, she gave me at the birthday party. She lost her purse and all. I replaced the display and gave it back to her on the way to Calistoga at Bad Ass Coffee. My iPhone 4 she gave me is enough, I like it. It was fulfilling to be able to repair the phone when she needed it most.
Laundry done, a good day.

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