No guitar work today, just a lot of cooking. I cooked up the chicken bone soup with a frozen breast, lots of fresh veggies and mushrooms. I looked all over the fridge for the set aside chicken meat from yesterday, even cleaned the fridge of numerous science projects, couldn’t find it. Oh well, maybe I threw it out for science. It’s still great soup, jelly when cold, 4 boxes.
Safeway had a deal on dated hamburger patties, a can of kidney beans, tomato sauce and paste. Chili con carne with a patty set aside for a lunch. The carrots are a little crunchy but tasty stuff, 3 boxes.
Out in the garden for herbs, I spied the tomatillos are ripe, picked 3 to remind me. Later went out and picked a bunch. Boiled and blended with garlic, cilantro, fresh oregano, cumin. A half a tiny onion diced fine after, a lemon juiced and salt. I even added some hot sauce, just enough to give a mild bite. It made two full boxes of salsa verde, that’s a lot. I bought a bag of corn chips for it. It’s raining again, the apples can wait for the apple machine is mounted on the recycle bin particle board cover, wet.
I planted more garlic bulbs in the rain as they want to grow and are the best of the harvest, all in the wash tub safe from the gophers. Another batch of crostinis are done and bagged, tasty batch as I leaned on the seasoning a bit.
A good day.

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