I woke up thinking about fish soup. The gang at work were talking about it and I have quite a bit of rock fish in my freezer and another bag of large shrimp, an oxymoron that. I pulled them out to thaw as I headed to town for coffee and the farmers market. Once around the market, oh boy, the pineapple guavas are ripe again, a box, carrots, more Steve’s onions, Duncan’s mushrooms. I’m eating a guava as I write this, so good. A small cantaloupe, yellow summer squash, we’re good. To Safeway for a baguette and some cilantro.
I stopped at Sally’s looking around, I found a soft guitar case cheap, nothing else. The case is too short for the bass, oh well.
Home, cooking I love.
I finished thawing the fish in the sink after pealing off a few fillets to re freeze in separate bags for later. Black rock fish from the Trinidad expedition. It’ll be good curried. Onions and mushrooms chopped, carrots cut in tiny sticks, summer squash, and a half patty pan. To the garden I found a good bunch of green beans to add. Olive oil and onions in the big yellow enamel pan, mushrooms, garlic and chicken broth. Two cans coconut milk. Add the veggies and fish, fish sauce for salt. Garam Masala seasoning, plus my own curry powder blend, more cumin,¬†coriander, fenugreek, turmeric. A few pealed tomatoes, rice cooked in the tomato pealing water, two cups water aside, one cup rice mixed to boil, high to low then off. Cilantro leaves removed from the stems, lime juice squeezed but not yet, contained aside to be added at the last minute. Add the cooked shrimp. A small batch for me now, tastes great, but more flavor, I add Garam Masala to the batch. This is really good soup. And a huge batch. It’s not spicy hot yet, to be added individually. Back to the Dollar Store for a few more large containers to hold it.
Next up, a batch of bruschetta, I have lots of garden roma tomatoes, garden basil and Dad’s garlic. Roll the basil and slice it thin, diced garlic. Blanch peal and seed the tomatoes for just meat with less juice diced small. Olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar. I left out the pepper. It’s good.
Time I worked on the ukulele, the finger board needs frets. I bought and modified a flush nipper from Harbor Freight this week. Using the brass fret wire nipped flat with the new tool, fitted to the board and cut to length flush. I hammered in the pieces with a flat maple block. I messed up on the second fret as it fell over as I knocked it in, splitting the wood. Super glued and clamped, moving on. Also the last fret will need a piece made to fit the lost break out when it fell, damn. I completed installing the frets. The sixth fret wasn’t in right, I removed it as I need to have two slots open to drill alignment holes for gluing the fret board to the neck.
A good days work. Tomorrow is another 60 birthday party at Eliot’s with grill and treats, steam trains and fleet week Blue Angels.

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