Hexenfest 2016


Being that the magickal Dan was away this weekend, I was faced with the challenge to get the Vardo to Hexenfest, an event I signed on to vend at, without his towing expertise.  Luckily, my vending partner-in-crime, Syntha, has been taking some towing lessons for pulling her new Airstream and so after some strategy and community assistance, we were able to arrive at the event near dusk on Friday.

Saturday morning was the first real test of the Vardo’s capacity to embody the original dream — to serve Turkish coffee and drinking chocolate to a bunch of sacred witchy rockin’ people, and boy did we have a run for our money!  Slammed and ran out of drinking chocolate on the first day, Cacoco Midnight Mystic, that stuff is magick. Grateful to have a full commercial kitchen adjacent to make it happen too :}  Syntha set up a vintage clothing and tarot station in the back of the vardo, with shade and chill space, picture forthcoming hopefully (I’m getting better at that, taking pictures). Here’s at least a picture of the basic setup of the serving area:


We had so much fun, meeting new faces, re-membering others.  A group of Harbin beauties came to visit as well, and imbibed of the sacred brews.  There was even a pagan metal concert that evening, with the beautifully

intense Wendy Rule and Pandemonaeon, fulfilling my dream to vend at a mystic witchy metal festival :}  We shall see where the Shot of Love takes us next…shot-of-love-backsidehexenfestpandemonaeon

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