After a nice pre B-day lunch in Healdsburg with Joe and Cat. I picked some tomatoes out back in the landlord’s patch. I split the cherry size into four bags for the work gangs, Dani, Diego, the lunch crew and the work team lunch. I gave three big ones to John across the street. He came over as I was folding laundry with a bottle of his 2014 Zinfandel, pretty good timing as tomorrow is my birthday and I can take it home for a party. It doesn’t get more local, Thanks.
I clamped the sides of my tenor ukulele into the mold frames after sanding down the inner mold frames. I bent the sides a few weeks ago on a 200 W light bulb hot pipe. It can sit and conform while I’m away. I just finished cutting the hole in the sound board with a jewelers saw and sanding it to size.
I also cut out the blocks for the top and bottom of the body. They still need to be curve fitted to the sides and slotted for the neck, but they’re roughed out to size.
I checked on the bass frets, they need a little more work, I probably should pull the first 4 high frets and reform them to fit right, now that I know how on the stake. Then glue them all down with superglue. Level all the frets next.
I’m holding off on the uke frets until I get a flush cutter and grind it really flush. Then I’ll assemble the frets to the finger board prior to gluing the finger board to the neck. It’s all coming together nicely.

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