I drove to town for coffee this morning, and the Farmers Market. Planning on just onions for soup, Steve had mounds of cucumbers cheap, why not. I picked four big ones for bread and butter pickles, more onions. Oh a little melon, some carrots from Preston’s, low on bacon I picked up some end cuts. A little yellow squash. And two red bell peppers for the pickles. Heavy bag.
A stop at Sally’s I found a switch panel for a boat and a guitar tuner needing batteries and a cover.
Home, onion soup on, three onions, light garden herbs. Trader Joe’s O beef broth, a dash of soy sauce and Worcestershire (spell check is cool). Three slices of baguette and a string cheese on top. Tasty with a tub and a half more for lunches. I’ll fill in the half with a Nathan’s hot dog.
I put in a couple more frets on the bass. I’m finally getting it right. Measure and mark with the triangle file. File the tang back, then file to the mark to remove the excess. Sand the ends smooth and lightly rounded with 400 grit. Using the aluminum fret stake I built on the band saw at work with a vise to hold it then and now.
I hammered the fret using a plastic mallet to give it more curve. I then mounted it even on the ends and smacked it down with a piece of wood sanded to the radius of the neck, in perfect.
I need to get the vardo plumbing in order, finish sealing the grey water tank. I used some yellow gas Teflon tape to reseal the big central threaded plug and the smaller threaded section for the valve turned off. I filled the tank using the hose, careful not to spill. The tank itself is finally not leaking at all, but there is still a drip where the valve connects. I drained the tank using the fire hose. This takes doing as you need to open the flat hose to get the water flowing, then it works. I just checked under the vardo in the dark, no wasp nests. OK.
I removed the valve and glued the leaking section with marine slow cure epoxy, this should solve the problem. The mix stick points to the glued section in the picture.
As things are drying I worked more on the bass frets. I finally finished the last fret, although some of the first ones need improving. I removed the third and fifth to redo the curve on the stake tool. One of the others is loose and will need to be glued in, maybe all of them with superglue. I plan on using a needle to apply it carefully a drop at a time. But all the frets are in.
Bread and Butter Pickles need to salt for 12 hours, so I sliced up the cucumbers, peppers and onions, adding a half cup of salt covered in the fridge. Lou from the farmers market asked for the B&B recipe, as I’m making it, I typed out the recipe streamlined to a text file and sent it to Preston Farms email. Pictures taken, a good day. Time to post this.

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