Another Saturday. I bought 6 pounds of tomatoes at the farmers market, a zucchini, melon and a cucumber. I picked at least 4 more pounds of tomatoes from the landlords patch, he said I could. It took a couple hours to blanch peal them all and deseed them. I drank the strained seed juice with salt in the heat of the day, it hit 95. A batch of French onion soup made as the tomatoes cooked down.
I checked the mailbox, my new $5 ukulele tuner arrived, cool, but it needs a button battery. Harry at the corner doesn’t have one but suggests the drug store will. I know he’s right, into town again. They have a four pack of the size I need or single off size should work, I’ll get that. The battery cost a little more than the tuner, but it works fine. All three of my ukuleles are in tune.
I turned the heat back on the tomato sauce as I got home, threw in a single ray of star anise for twenty minutes and pulled it. I’m looking for a thick sauce but not paste, just right. I think this batch is on it. Four cup jars and two half cups, a quart and a cup from 10 pounds. Most of the day and hot, these are a lot of work for extraordinary tomato sauce. At a buck a can at the store, it’s a better deal.
The onion soup turned out great, I used last weeks croutons and the TJs Gruyere cheese, stringy but excellent. Two tubs for lunches will need more croutons and cheese.
I also cooked up a  batch of taco meat hamburger with cumin, garlic and chopped onions. Made a burrito of meat mix, tomato and grated mild cheddar. Another tasty addition for lunches, add refried beans.
I managed to get a mix of carpenters glue and rosewood dust into the 6th fret of the bass guitar. Once it dries I’ll sand it and re cut the fret slot. I still need to make a jig to bend the frets more than the camber on the neck so they fit right.
Tomorrow I’ll be heading for Frolic with a brief stop at West Marine for the good primer, not cheap but sand able and fills the cracks.

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