Today was only a little productive here as I got a message from Joe. He needed help as he’s putting in a new bathroom, installing plumbing under the house. He needed me to cut PVC pipe with the crosscut saw and pass it under.
Before I left, I cut out the sound board for the tenor ukulele glued last week to a 1/4 inch larger than the front pattern using the band saw. I packed a light deck of medium sand paper. I also removed the wimpy motor from the surface sander I’m building and studied how the new powerful 2 HP motor will be mounted. I may need one more hinge from my collection as this is a big motor and needs the support. Friday I bought a switch, E box and cover at Restore for a buck, on – off for the sander. I have everything to make this machine work, except the flooring to cover the hinged plywood bed, Chin has that for me. I’m hoping to get it together tomorrow.
Joe needs time to get the holes cut in the floor, no rush. To Bucky’s for coffee, and the Farmers Market. I bought cucumbers and onions to go with the TJ red bell peppers for a batch of bread and butter pickles. To Salvation Army, Joe asked to look for a possible cabinet suitable for a bathroom sink, nope. I did find a large piece of purple cotton fabric, a mortar and pestle and a small French press for coffee. A brief stop to the Banana music shop, they don’t carry violin strings, never mind, it’s for Joe’s violin. I did bring the rosin I found last week at Sally’s.
I stopped at the Door store free wood bin a half mile from Joe’s, a bunch of small mahogany 1 by stock, several thin cut mahogany 6 inch panels and some poplar stock should make good interior kerf wood.
At Joe’s, we put in the plumbing mostly done as I sanded the Western cedar soundboard for new tenor ukulele down to 220 grit. I picked up a piece of maple for the neck. It will need laminating to make it thick enough for the neck heel, that’s normal, with an angle cut for the head stock lamination.
I showed Joe the chords I’ve been practicing on the tiny soprano $1 uke from Sally’s. I really need a bigger fret board. Hence the tenor uke.
More to do tomorrow, with bread and butter pickles prepped and salted in the fridge.

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