I had a productive day today. I met Raven at Starbucks for coffee, picked up some rice for a stir fry. We walked up to the plaza where a huge sale was going on, mostly antiques, some really nice stuff. Off to Goodwill for a look around, nothing I needed, Raven picked up a native American cassette tape.
Home, Raven wants to make clam sauce spaghetti for lunch, I’m OK with that but I need to make the stir fry for lunches this week and it’s still early. I put on a pan of water for the pasta. Rice on, garlic, ginger, veggies, chicken thighs, onions cut. Wok on, oil in, onions translucent, chicken, five spice, garlic and ginger. Add the veggies all on hot stirring. Spring peas in. Reduce the heat and pull it all aside in the pan, more oil, add an egg scrambled in the clearing, mixed in once cooked. Add the rice to fry, a little more heat, soy sauce quite a bit but not too much, and a touch of sesame oil. It’s done, off. The kitchen is Raven’s. Spaghetti noodles, olive oil, a can of clams, a lot of garlic, garden parsley, white wine, reduced. Simple and tasty. I sample the stir fry also good.
Raven is on a marathon to paint all the rocks with runes using a metallic shaker pen.
I’m trying to fix the sewing machine to sew leather pouches. A tall order, trying several thread sizes, tension adjustments, oiling the machine, removing the bobbin and cleaning the mechanism underneath (never did that before). It will sew fabric but the leather needle is too small, won’t do it. Finally I have to give up, a bigger needle may work, but not this one.
On to more fun stuff, I re drilled the bass stand upright to except the wishbone with a larger deeper drill bit. I need to adjust one of the countersinks, but it works OK. I added two dowels drilled through to accept the bass platform by marking a pencil line and drilling to match the dowel size to the lines. It held up the bass fine, but the platform slips when you pick it up. I added another dowel underneath, but it will need another above to keep it from sliding. It holds the bass well.
The front of the guitar looks OK, but the back is a bit rough from the last lacquer spray. I use 400 fine grit to bring it up to smooth again, wire hang it from the clothes line under the porch and just spray retouch the back lacquer. I think it will be alright, but the neck will back need a slight polish to finish the finish.
We took a walk around the perimeter. She’ll be moving to Santa Cruz this week. We won’t see each other as often but sometimes. We are good friends. Time for Raven to head home, with a box of stir fry and a hug.
I cooked a batch of bone broth chicken soup from last weeks carcass broth I’ve been saving. Laundry folded and ready for work (mostly) tomorrow.

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