A good day. I headed for town, coffee, to the farmers market. A small cabbage from Preston farms, an onion, a nice cucumber, some snow peas, I’m good. Safeway I picked up a baguette, a deal on grass fed burgers 50% off, some cream cheese and an O tomato. I still have plenty at home, last weeks bacon ends and some pinto beans from TJ’s to make Pasta y Fagioli soup. A stop at Garrett’s for a couple more brass #10 2″ screws as I lost the ones from last week.

A stop at Salvation Army, I want something to make a wood bender, a cylinder to hold a 200 watt bulb I bought last weekend. I found a desk lamp should work modified heavily and a steel crock, a little large radius, but perhaps. I found a bobbin for the sewing machine and a loom shuttle in the bins. As they have an antique loom for sale in one of the shops, I told Diana at checkout the shuttle should go there, she agreed, set aside. Two bucks, deal.

Home, I cleared the sprinkler for the garden as the screen gathers weekly crud, watered the guava, roses and chives in the front yard. I watered the avocados and inside plants earlier as it’s Saturday.

I drilled holes in the bass guitar stand head stock to attach the brass screws equal to their diameter and countersunk them. I drilled a single hole to match the inner thread diameter of the screw. On screwing in the part, the screw snapped, dang, not a deep enough hole or too small a drill. I had to drill it out on three sides then remove the busted screw with pliers. I re drilled out the hole big with a forstner bit to fit a larger dowel, cut to size and glued in, wood putty to fill the gaps. This will have to wait until tomorrow. Harry’s Mercantile had a couple more screws, I’ll need to drill it a little larger and deeper.

Lunches, I chopped up last weeks farmers market bacon ends, sorting just the meat, saving the fat for a future rendering. Fried in the iron skillet, saved to a bowl. Chopped carrots, zucchini, celery, garlic, garden herbs,  some cabbage and half an onion. Onion in olive oil, then everything with TJ’s O free range chicken broth, a glug of white wine, a can of O pinto beans with macaroni in a separate pan  boiling. Add salt. I set aside some beans mashed to thicken it. The carrots are done, off, to cool awhile. I tried a bowl, oh my, this is wonderful soup, my favorite. Three boxes for lunches and a half a bowl for now again, so good.

I wired the guitar to the garage door for another coat of lacquer, sprayed on after cleaning with a paper towel and compressed air. It looks good except the back feels a little rough. I’ll sand that again and re apply. I’m hoping it’s close to done with lacquer. It’s not perfect, fair enough.

I took the lamp I bought today to the sander and ground off most of the paint outside, all on top, then used several stone grinders, a step drill and a rotary file to enlarge the hole to fit a ceramic socket. I wired it with a left over incandescent dimmer, wire nutted inside. It works with the 200 watt light bulb. This is way beyond the 60 watt recommended, but with a new ceramic socket, I need the heat and cylinder to bend wood to make a ukulele body. This will do the job nicely.


A good day indeed.

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