I met Raven at Starbucks this morning for coffee. Next stop Goodwill where she bought a leather skirt to cut up for rune pouches. I found a light switch motion sensor I picked up to deter the beasties attacking my garden nights. A quick stop for gas then home.

I started cooking a pasta y fagioli with the bacon ends I picked up yesterday at the farmers market. This bacon is flavored with lavender and honey, but I can’t tell, just a little sweeter, tasty though. I picked out the solid fat pieces, saved frozen for flavor oil in the future. I added Dunkin’s dried crimini mushrooms after soaking in water and sliced to fry in the grease, all set aside on a plate with paper towel to drain. Veggies chopped, carrots, celery, turnips from the farmers market, garlic, onion, some left over tomato, garden herbs and some cauliflower florets from the garden as well. Olive oil in the pot, onions clear, garlic and herbs, veggies and TJ’s chicken broth, the bacon, mushrooms in with a glug of white wine and some tubed tomato paste. A pot of lightly salted water to boil for macaroni, a can of pinto beans with some held back to mash for thickener at the end. As the carrots became done I added the mashed beans and most of the macaroni, just right. Oh my, lunch supreme.

We finished in time to head for the rose dance in Healdsburg. A huge rose garden where they harvest the petals to make rose oil, only three ounces a year, most valuable, diluted for essences and waters. The dance was wonderful, six women performing, well done a story in movement. The roses smelled divine in arches and rows.
A brief stop at Garrett’s for another key to the vardo, then home. Raven worked on cutting pouches of the new leather. I finished sanding the guitar with 400 grit in the problem places until smooth. Ready for another coat of lacquer, hung from the board propped garage door with wire, cleaned with compressed air to get the dust off, and sprayed with the last of this can, but just enough. Wow, this is looking good.
I’ve been practicing on the ukulele I restrung from Sally’s for a dollar plus $13 for new strings, not a bad deal. Too bad it’s pink, I’ll give it to a kid. But fun to figure out a tune. 
Raven wants a bass stand, I do too as the bass fell over saved by the dog food bag. I have a nice board of red oak I bought for easels, lets make this. I used a long curve I picked up at Sally’s to lay out the ‘S’ curve, a compass from Lori’s art stuff for the top head support. Two pieces 14″ to be glued for the base. I’ll angle the base a little for design as a tripod. Here is the beginning.
I cooked up some macaroni and cheese with the left over noodles, butter, flour rue, half and half, Parmesan and cheddar cheese, oh my, with the browned raclette in the corners, tasty stuff. 
What a fun day, with laundry in between for the week ahead. Next weekend is Memorial day, I’ll be going North for the Kinetic Sculpture Race. I don’t know if I’ll post. What a great day.

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