It was a good day, we got stuff done. I headed to town for coffee, the farmers market, scored a lot of Duncan’s mushrooms, more local bacon, lettuce, an early peach and snow peas. I picked up some cilantro, bok choy, lettuce seeds, pickle cukes, roma tomato and zucchini plant starts at Garrett’s. At Salvation army I found a pink ukulele with busted strings, a plastic crayola box organizer and a nice wooden little cabinet missing a couple drawers. Raven needs an organizer for her projects and a display box, all this for two bucks, what a score.


I’ll get new strings for the uke, but it sounds OK with two strings pieced together. A good gift for a little girl.

Home, plant the starts and seeds. Rice on, I string the snow peas, thaw some O chicken tenders,  chop veggies, carrots, some of Duncan’s mushrooms, green onions growing in a glass of water, celery, zucchini, the last bok choy, a half a yellow onion, garlic and ginger. Stir fry in the wok with five spice, onions, mushrooms, chicken (mind there’s too much chicken, held back a bag and some veggies). Add the veggies to cook, pulled to the high side add more oil spread up, crack in an egg scrambled, rice in with O soy sauce, a dash sesame oil, fried awhile, green onions in a little and serve, out on the driveway bench, really tasty. With two boxes for lunches. I’m prepping for a chicken soup as Raven arrives.

She calls her Mom as I finish the soup prep and on, bring it to a boil. I added the last weeks slice of bacon and the bag of chicken, all the more veggies and straight raw rice.

Raven, “You want to go to the river for rune rocks?”, “Yea sure, let me shut this off.” The elder flowers are blooming, the buckeyes too, fragrant. We collected a lot of flat round rocks and some rough pretty ones. Baking in the warm spring sun, wonderful out. Great gift from the river, rocks. Much to do, we head home, wash the rocks in a colander,  spread on a towel to dry as we sorted them by size and shape. We ended up with twelve sets of 24 matched stones, bagged in baggies ready for marking with metallic markers next time.


They need pouches made of leather except for the small ones could use the velvet. And the soup is done.

Raven is doing research on bass stands as I’m drilling holes in the acrylic pick guard using the step drill I bought yesterday at Harbor Freight. It works well without causing any cracks as planned. I cut out the pickup areas after drilling with my jewelers saw as much as possible, though I had to use a small round file for the deep spaces and a flat file to finish the hard to reach and smooth it all in. Sandpaper in the rounds, it’s looking good, not perfect, but this will be fine.


I’m leaving the cover paper on until the last minute to keep it shiny. I still need a few more screw holes to mount the guard but this works well in black. I’ll need to give the guitar a few coats of lacquer tomorrow. The truss rod cover needs making as well. Raven is off with a jar of soup, zucchinis, Duncan’s mushrooms, candles, a bar of Swedish soap and a hug. What a fine day.

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