A good day, I got a little done on the guitar but spent more time cooking. I bought a reduced price round steak yesterday and thought I better cook it up. Picked up some carrots and some chicken breasts for a chicken cordon bleu I’ve been wanting to try.
I started on the beef stew, carrots, celery, garlic, potatoes, mushrooms, garden herbs and an onion. It’s a whole pound of steak so it made a lot in the dutch oven, browned the beef a while, added the O beef broth quart from TJ’s and let it simmer a long time. In a fry pan I sauteed the onions, bowled, then mushrooms. The veggies are all in another bowl. It takes awhile for the beef to break down.
I started on the chicken, smacking the breasts flat with Gary’s wooden hammer with the pyramids face to thin it out to 1/4 inch thick slabs. Unexpected cheddar slices, and a slice of ham, rolled and a toothpick to hold. Covered with Italian bread crumbs. I put it in my new small glass lasagna pan to bake at 350 F in the oven for a half hour. I forgot the salt but figure the ham and cheese are plenty salty.
The beef stew meat is ready for veggies in with a little more water and a glug of white wine, covered to simmer. I have a stale bagget for crostinis to bake, sliced thin upside down, dipped in a thin layer of olive oil on a plate, to the pan. I add salt, garlic powder, dried basil, Parmesan to the first batch, in with the baking 350 chicken. I check the chicken with a thermometer, not ready yet, back in the oven.
I check the stew carrots, perfect a bit firm but done, potatoes too. I whip up 1-2 tablespoons flower in water with a fork and pour it in slowly to the stew while stirring to make a good gravy, needs salt. I use soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce instead for a darker color and flavor. Ah, just right, off the heat, covered.
The first batch of crostinis are done a little dark but good. The chicken is still not done but I pull the toothpicks. A second batch of crostinis in a separate bigger pan without cheese for Alan at work fits in back with the chicken up front. But I added some mozzarella cheese to the chicken to melt and brown a little. It’s finely all done. I eat some chicken, it’s huge, cut in sliced spiral rounds, but so good, chicken, ham and really good cheese. I’ll have to bring it to work, I can’t eat all this alone. I got three full buckets of stew, two frozen. Plenty More beef stew.
On the guitar, I sanded it down yesterday ready for lacquer, but didn’t get to it today yet. Maybe tomorrow evening. I did however, cut the acrylic pick guard out using the band saw, leaving it a little wide, then sanded it lightly to size on the lapidary. The tighter rounds on the lower fret cut out I used the small drill drum sander. The fret board cutout I went as close as possible with the saw, then hand filed it smooth. I had to use a round needle file to get the fret board base to fit. The picture is a little off, it fits better than that, I just hope the pickups and knobs fit.
I’m concerned with drilling the acrylic not to crack it and have been researching the process before attempting it. Water and baking soda can be used as a coolant using the forstner bits, may work on the drill press. I have enough scrap to experiment with the process before I commit. I’m thinking to use Plasticine oil clay as a dam with wood beneath. The baking soda is an anti oxidant supposed to prevent rust on the drill press. I’ll dry it and spray oil it with WD40 anyway.
I cut out the branches in the way of the gas tank so the propane company can fill it. I even mowed the tall grass, and on the other side by the garage. It took a half hour just to get the seeds out of my clothes. Laundry done and folded. Ready for work tomorrow. A fine day.

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