5/1/2016 May Day

The first of May. I went down to the river, a lot of folks down there as it’s the first really hot day, in the 90s. I went upstream where the fishing can be good but there is a snag you need to reel in quick to miss. I’m using a spin caster. There is something wrong with this reel, the bail won’t kick down. I try for a while, but it’s not working right. Tie it down and head for home to fix it.
Back home I open it up with my jewelers screw set. There is a spring on the side of the bail that’s broken. This thing won’t work without a new spring if I can get one or make one with some difficulty. It’s a cheap rod but I like the shortness of it. I dig around in the garage and find another 6 foot rod, orange, this reel works, I’ll use this one next time, as I pick the cobwebs off the line. It’s a four pound test Zebco reel, but it works. It’s too late to go back out, maybe tomorrow after work.
Earlier today I did a few interesting things. I cooked a large batch of pork carnitas enchiladas, mild, with the pork I cooked down yesterday. It was on sale at a buck a pound, two more plastic boxes in the freezer. I think I’ll bring it in to work Wednesday to feed my friends for lunch. These are good enchiladas, pork, corn, black beans, red bell pepper, cheese, red enchilada sauce with sour cream mix and mild cheddar cheese. I ate a couple, they’re really good.
Next up I bought fried rice fixings, rice on, fresh ginger, garlic, bokchoy, carrots, celery, spring peas strung, bean sprouts, mushrooms, onions and chicken tenders. In the wok some what reverse order with an egg scrambled in there after the veggies pulled to the side. Rice, soy sauce, sesame oil. Three cartons, I’ll have this one tomorrow. A batch of crostinis in the oven now, sourdough baguette, sliced thin, olive oil, salt, garlic powder, basil, baked 350 until dry.
I’ve finally been working on the electric bass guitar. I spent a few hours sanding all the cross grain scratches out with 220 grit, reverting to 100 grit in the problem areas and back. It’s ready for lacquer, hung in the garage and blown off with the compressor. A spray can applied lightly first coat. I messed up in a couple places with runs, but that’s OK, this is the first coat, to be sanded back, good to fill the pores. It dries quick, but I managed to get my finger prints in the first fret too soon, I’ll sand it back.
Laundry done. Ready for work. Crostinis should be done. Yes.

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