Once again I got little done on the guitar today, perhaps more tomorrow. Joe called me this morning to invite me over. He got a lot of nice wood from the cabinet shop, enough to finish the floor of Josey’s tree house. I decided to stay home.
Something is getting into my garlic, the newly transplanted stuff was partially dug up and my three pots in the front yard were overturned and emptied. It looks like maybe the raccoons are into garlic, damn. I salvaged as much dirt and the few plants still alive and replanted them plus bag dirt hoping. This is my Dad’s garlic, I don’t want to loose it.
The pineapple guava plant has reached the top of the window, it’s time. I filled a large pot with good bagged dirt and transplanted it outside in the rose garden with a willow stick to hold it up. It’s partly shaded there and the plant seems happy.
To town for coffee, Safeway has pork roasts for a buck a pound. I bought a five pounder. Bottle Dan was there, I told him about the deal as he’s feeding several young girls and mom staying at his place.
A stop at Sally’s proved fruitful, I found a pair of beaded curtains. They’d be great for the vardo front door, to keep the flies out. I untangled them on the reed fence. One strand has lost some beads, but the others are a little long, we could back fill the missing with the ends of the rest. One curtain is enough to fit the doorway, if we double it, more beads, less flies. I took a picture with the rose blossom.
So I started the roast in the oven at 350 for an hour and a half. The net says 145 degrees F inside with a thermometer, when I cut it open, medium rare. I want carnitas for enchiladas, further research. Into the Dutch oven in pieces with a quart of chicken broth and an orange juiced for a couple more hours. Meanwhile, I made a batch of French onion soup. Three onions sliced, garden herbs and garlic, browned in butter 25 minutes. A quart of TJ’s beef broth, salt, a dash of Worcestershire, half a cup of wine. Good stuff, two containers for lunches and one for now, mozzarella now got stringy, but tasty.
My new neighbor the landlord’s son John asked me how to make picture frames yesterday as I paid the rent. I built a miter jig for the table saw according to a couple youtube videos. It still needs the cut deeper after the square glue dries.
I called Luis earlier, I need the fan belt replaced on my truck, already purchased, 5:30, OK. He did it in five minutes, no charge this time. Cool. We’ll do the fly wheel soon.
Back home the pork is done, shredded and boxed up in three containers, froze two. I added paprika, garlic powder, salt and cumin for flavor. Tomorrow I’ll make a batch of carnitas enchiladas for work or if Joe shows up. Carnitas freezes well, brown it after in a frying pan.
I did manage to transfer the guitar pick guard pattern to the acrylic paper shield with glue stick but it’s not sticking well as the glue stick is old. I still have tomorrow off to do more. I would like to sand the guitar with 220 grit and begin lacquer coats. A productive day.

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