Well I didn’t do anything on the guitar today. I spent the day cooking instead. Safeway Starbucks for coffee and shopping, and the dollar store. Forgot the bacon, quick stop at Big John’s, that, half pound of burger and dill weed. I stopped at Sally’s looking around, another guy had a dove tail jig, missed that. I found a nice small Pyrex lasagna pan and a scraper.
Home. I prepped some O russet potatoes, picked off the eyes and ringed them lightly with the knife, into the pan to boil. I saw online if you ring them first you can peel them easy when they’re cooked. Out in the garden for herbs, damn, the gophers have broken into my onions, right through the three layers of chicken wire. Not sure what to do about that, maybe the wash tub but I’ll need some more dirt.
Meanwhile, chopping herbs, tarragon and parsley aside for the potato salad, oregano, rosemary and thyme for the tomato sauce with a dash for salad. A really big garlic clove split for both. I chopped celery and a half leftover sweet onion for the salad. The potatoes done and cooled a bit. They did peel easier with the rings but not as easy as online, maybe because I boiled it not nuked. Chop the cooled potatoes, in a big bowl, celery and onions in. Sauce, mayo a lot, a small container of Greek yogurt, the dill weed, chopped herbs, garlic, rice vinegar, olive oil, salt, some paprika. It needs something, oh yea, mustard, a big glug, maybe 2 Tbl spoons. Chopped olives with pimento, some capers, Larrupin’s mustard dill sauce to kick it up a notch. Oh yea, the hard boiled eggs, diced. This is good potato salad.
Tomato sauce start with onions, celery, a couple diced mushrooms in olive oil, herbs and garlic, burger, add the sauce, a small piece of star anise for a short time to sweeten it up. Cook lasagna noodles for ten minutes in salted water, drain. Slice up the mozzarella ball, grate the Parmesan cheese, careful not to cut myself. Mom always used provolone instead of ricotta, so I did as that’s what I have. A little sauce, lasagna noodles, cheese of mozzarella, two provolone, sauce, noodles, cheese, sauce, noodles, cheese, sauce,  more cheese topped with the grated Parmesan. In the oven at 350 for an hour. Looks great.
On to the kabobs, I have a recipe online for teriyaki sauce with honey, garlic and ginger sounds good. I look up teriyaki sauce and make it with organic soy, garlic, ginger, honey and cornstarch. Extra honey, garlic and ginger to make the marinade, set aside to cool.
Chop large zucchini pieces, red bell peppers, chicken, beef, mushrooms,onions all soaked in the sauce in quart bags ready for skewering. The skewers are soaking in water. It’s ready. We’ll need charcoal, I just checked, not enough.
I’ll be meeting Raven in Sebastapol in the morning for coffee and a farmers market run. Perhaps some shopping around. A good day cooking.

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