Well I didn’t get a whole lot done today on the guitar as I spent time cooking. Last week we found peas growing in between the grape vines so today I grabbed a colander and headed out to one row. I filled the colander in half the row, hot in the sun. Mostly full ripe peas and a few early ones for snow peas. This is way more than I can eat (although, later). Neighbor Brittany was out, “Want any peas?”, “No, maybe Janna will when she gets back soon.”   Back in the kitchen I shucked them, pinch the round end and run a thumb down it. A separate small bowl for the snow peas. I got a lot of peas. A full shucked sandwich bag, another snack bag for Janna and some snow peas for Janna. That’s after I cooked a batch to eat now with butter and seasoning salt, yum. I put Janna’s on the picnic table not to set off the dogs and left her a phone message. I just went out and picked another colander full for folks at work, free food, they can shuck them. They’ll be plowing them under for nitrogen soon.

Lunch time late actually, rice with saffron and peas boiling, fried some mushrooms in olive oil pulled, onions pulled aside in a bowl together. Six chicken breast tenders, garlic and garden herbs mostly done pulled. Some flour and butter in the pan to brown lightly, rue, white wine to scrape the stuff off the bottom of the pan, thickening,  add water for a fine sauce, mushrooms, onions and chicken back in with more garlic and herbs to marry the flavors. Wow. I steamed up some snow peas for the side. Some for now, very tasty, and two tubs for lunches at work.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tonto, cleverly disguised as a tea bag is up to his neck in hot water. A quote from my late friend Arthur, fitting. Meanwhile, laundry got done and folded. But hey, I took those peas, checking online for roasted peas, I put them in a baking pan with some olive oil (too much, paper towels after) and baked them at 350 F for more than an hour until they were crisp dry. Salt, garlic powder and some dry basil, these are good, smaller they fit a snack bag for the work gang, mind I could do these in easy. A batch of crostinis, sliced up a baguette thin with olive oil on a plate, salt, garlic powder, basil and Parmesan baked light brown dry.  We like these, the lunch crew and me. Enough cooking, lets do something on the guitar.

I removed all the hardware I could except the two humbuckers as they are wired under the inlay plates. I’ll need to tape them up for lacquer. I cut a piece of tracing paper trimmed to size and taped it to the face of the guitar. Using a pen I lightly traced the outline of all the components to form a fair pick guard pattern. Cut out with scissors and refitted, taped back down, I used more half tape to correct the pattern and mark corrections. It needs a little more trimming, but it’s in line fair. I marked the round holes to center, to be forstner drilled in the acrylic plastic.


Transferring all this to the black plastic and cutting it to fit will be another challenge on another day. I like the pattern.

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