Joe and Cat stopped by as I was just beginning on taxes, didn’t stay long. They brought a big artichoke plant in a large pot so the gophers won’t get it and a 12 volt LED light, very cool. Said they are out on a date, a bouquet of sage flowers, catnip and the other wasp trap. Off to Lake Sonoma.
3 hours on taxes got it done.
On the guitar, I removed the bridge pickup and sanded the rosewood glue off with 50 grit sandpaper, again with 100 grit, 220 and 320. I cut a piece of maple on the band saw and sanded it pointy round on the drum sander to fill the screw hole, just one. Tapped it in and cut it flush with the flush cut saw I’ve been using for the frets. Sanded it and the back of the bridge clean and screwed to the one hole. With the small square lined up to the center maple and hickory seam, I re drilled the second hole in the body, screwed in place and checked again for square. Removed it all and applied a light coat of yellow glue to the bridge. As the bridge holes are slightly larger the threads don’t engage so I can insert the screws and line it up and tighten it down to mate perfectly. I checked for square again, then clamped it, re checked. Cleaned the little excess glue with paper towel and the scale (metal ruler). It’s dry now, looks good.
The small ground wire hole is re drilled but I’m waiting to install it after the finish is applied. Problem, I will need to tape up the upper pickups for finishing as I can’t remove the wires threaded inside as the back covers are glued in place (besides, that was difficult to install). I tried the nickle ground bar while the bridge was off, it will fit.
I made a batch of meat loaf as the laundry dried and some more crostini toasts with salt, basil, Parmesan and garlic. Tasty stuff though the loaf needs salt, easy after.
A new LED bulb bought for the garage, a bit dim but it works. I may swap it for a compact florescent in the house.
A good day, much done, taxes in the bank soon enough.

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