Rainy Day Creations


It’s been awhile since I’ve made an entry, glad to be back.  An intense rainstorm is moving through the area and I’ve been housebound, so decided to catch up on some ideas I’ve wanted to finish. The first is my Kitchen Witch apron, the apron being a gift from Dan’s friend, with my addition of a witchy patch to the front.  I looked hard for something, as it’s not really the season for such things in craft stores.  Head shops, online, and finally found this really cool sewing shop called, “The Legacy” that had SOMETHING.  Here it is, the simple “ceremonial gown” of a Kitchen Witch.image

The next project niggling at me was to make “crystal Essences”– collected rainwater, saltwater cleansed crystals, and affirmative statements the needed tools.  I let the rainwater sit in the light of the New Moon, and crafted two essences out of this charged water, one from Quartz, one from amber (a resin, not crystal, but you get the idea).  Each essence has a corresponding affirmation that fits with the magickal quality of the crystal, and will be used in my Magickal cooking (and did my inner agnostic have a field day with THIS).  But who cares, it’s FUN…I need to make some pretty labels.  Here’s the brewing Amber essence:image

I’m thinking of making another essence from the bright yellow dandelions outside my door next, if it would stop raining for them to show their plant faces :}.

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