This morning I did a surgical removal of the steel toes from my new work shoes, stitched them back up with saddle stitching and inside knots invisible. Wow, they finally fit perfectly comfortable. They still look good.

I was supposed to go to Elliot’s today to calk a shower. I got as far as the Santa Rosa B of A bank when I got a call from El, his tenant isn’t ready, can I do tomorrow instead. Sure, why not, I have plenty to do here. I drove home with a stop at Wally’s for shampoo and a Chinese meal at Panda, I could do as well but I was hungry. I stopped at Sally’s and found another toaster oven for $3 why not, a Cuisinart, I just plugged it in, it works, all four burners and stainless. Home.
I worked on the guitar, whittling away at the largest back panel to fit the doubled rattan purfling, It took awhile using the curved Xacto blade I modified, a little more here and there until it finally fits.
I need to make lunches for next week, a batch of chicken veggie soup, I make good soup, this batch is fine, four buckets, three frozen. I marinated the rest of the chicken (O soy sauce, garlic powder and five spice) and broiled it, should have used the new oven.
It’s been raining a lot. Finally letting up a bit.
I wrapped the electronics cover with plastic wrap a few times after sanding until the rattan fit. It’s ready for super glue.
I hope it works. I think I’ll try a test on the plastic wrap with super glue to make sure I can get the E cover off after gluing the purfling.
The bigger section will need a little sawdust to cover the excess cut on the top. To be glued later, then sand it all flush. The electronics and bridge still need to be installed. A good day.

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