I met Raven at Bucky’s for coffee. I need to pick up a few things, bottle water, O chicken, jasmine rice. Next stop Goodwill is open Sundays. I found a lamp chimney that fits my fancy oil lamp, now just need a fill cap. Raven found a California map book and a paper punch. Home.

I broiled the chicken marinated in O soy sauce, Chinese five spice and horse radish. Raven brought asparagus from her new garden, I found a couple more out by the peach tree. Some jasmine rice to boil. Meanwhile I prepped some bagget crostini with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, Parmesan and dry garden basil baked a 350 for while flipped until crisp. They’ll be good for soups or just munching. I made a quick meatloaf for lunches, burger, garden herbs, half onion, garlic, a glug of ketchup, an egg and some bread crumbs, topped with more ketchup, 350 for an hour. We ate the chicken, rice and asparagus out front in the partial sun, simply good food.

Raven’s working on amber necklaces as I hand carve out the guitar back plates for purfling to cover the router marks. Raven chose the rattan basket stock I have doubled up to fit the inlays instead of the bone colored plastic. I agree, it looks like (is) wood, can take the bends, and fills the space. I glued in the first section with superglue and let it dry. Working on the second electronics section, the new modified curved Xacto blade works great for carving these curves. I even used a plastic hammer to move the wood faster at an angle. I belt sanded down the first inlay section to see how it works perfect.


The second section is mostly right, I’m sanding the cedar to get the fit right as it’s softer than hickory. I’ll need to use wax paper or plastic wrap to keep the panel unglued to access the electronics with three screws counter sunk.

Raven and I walked down to the river for a break, gathering stones for some rune stones. I picked up two sizes of flat rounded rocks, 24 of each plus a few. We used copper markers to make the runes, two bags, my small batch and a larger one of Raven’s. She took a couple large to make an even set. Later I made another set of 24, slightly different sizes to make the set pictured.


I worked some more on the guitar back inlays. Time for Raven to head for her new home, with a can of smoked trout to go. A great day.

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