Today I worked for Elliot putting in smoke detectors, fixed the shower faucet, chopped a lot of roses with welding gloves, picked a bunch of oranges with the new fruit picker on a bamboo stick for Elliot’s birthday present. Cathy made Cost Plus shepherds pie, pretty tasty. A fun day. Half the day I thought it was Sunday and that’s tomorrow, cool. Elliot checked out the Altoids practice guitar amplifier I made (the first one of several), it buzzes a little, even picked up some Mariachi music off the airwaves, but it’s a good tiny practice amp. I let him borrow it. Cathy gave me a nice jewelry box about the same size to put another one in. I’ll add a fat capacitor to knock down the buzz.
On the way home I stopped to check on my boat Frolic. As I walked into the boat yard, a woman in the back of a step van said “Danny, Danny Piper?”
I looked back at her, I know this woman, “Who are you?”
“It’s me, Cindy Taylor.”
“Holy shit, Cindy!” I met Cindy in Venice Beach, she was 19, I was 22. We cooked together for a lot of people at Kickback Farms in Arcata.
I showed her my boat, it really needs a new paint job. She showed me her new today boat, a 36 foot Hunter will need very little work. Her husband spent the day power washing the hull on the hard. It’s a nice boat, worthy of a crossing. So good to see an old friend, we exchanged numbers.
I drove home. Some more fine shepherds pie for dinner.

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