I met Raven at the Salvation Army at 1:30 Saturday. I found the toaster oven she needs for her new place and had it set behind the counter for her. Digging through the bins I found a nice bass speaker, a drafting square and full drafting table folder kit with slide squares and angle arm, pretty cool.

Back home, I cooked up some primo chicken soup from the fixings I’d chopped earlier, O chicken thighs, onion, mushroom, carrots, celery, garlic, bouquet garni from the garden, with rice I cooked up separate for a sate chicken breast with cucumbers. Two meals multiplied for a few days work lunch. A jar of soup for Raven.

Raven is working on another bracelet from her Sweden stock of reindeer leather and spun braided wire.bracelet2


Meanwhile, I’m working on inlaying the purfling into the back of the guitar to cover up the router errors. This cream colored plastic ribbon matches the bone nicely and should accent the wood, while covering the errors of a free hand router. Cutting it in is a slow process using an Exacto knife to match the width of the ribbon, cut deeper into the hard hickory, cut to depth horizontally and chipped out. I used a chisel on the straight runs, but the curves go slow. I modified a blade with a curve using the lapidary, that helps. There is a lot to be done slowly. I slipped twice. The final grind and finish will put this below the surface.


I’m halfway through the first small inlay, with the gauge piece installed. Slow, but perfect is the goal.



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