Happy Valentine’s Day! Another good day. I made a batch of spaghetti with two buckets after I ate one for lunch, then made another batch of chicken and veggie soup, three buckets more for lunches. I make good chicken soup.
I finally carved in the last bridge pickup today. With the partial rosewood knobs from yesterday.
I laid out a 2 x 4 with the pattern clamped to the bench and cut a sample cut 1/8″ deep. The ends were just a little short so I removed the pattern and filed it just a little more. Reinstalled to the 2 x 4 eyed close, I cut just the ends, and checked the fit, it works, it’s in there. Even the rounded corners fit the round router pattern. Clearing the bench enough I clamped the guitar down near the bench end. Two blocks of original hickory scrap held the pattern in place wide enough to clear the router. I cut it in at several 1/8″ passes using the small compound square as a gauge to depth, just a 16th inch high. Something must have moved a tiny bit as there was a small ledge partway down stopping the pickup. I used the chisel and gouge to clear the wood until it fit right. The hole cut into the control cavity which is good as the wires drop right in.
I drilled the wiring holes for the upper humbucker pickups with some difficulty. The first hole into the upper chamber was easy. Connecting the upper to lower was a challenge. I drilled it from above, nearly there but nearing the face, Stop just in time. I drilled it from below and met the hole. Getting the wires through the angled holes was a challenge but I finally got it. I’ll need to do it again after I finish the guitar, probably with lacquer.
Next I’ll need to install the bridge, drilled, glued and screwed on the ends pearled. The grounding bar will need to be drilled into the control cavity. The controls need installing. Shape the pick guard and truss rod cover. Inlay the head, lacquer it, frets installed. Put it all together and string it, adjust things. We’re nearly there. Here’s shots of yesterday’s amp case and Raven’s dried apple kitchen witch head.



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