A productive day today. I started laundry early, headed to town for coffee, O celery, mushrooms, plus some hamburger and pork chops. Back home, laundry to dry, I cooked up a batch of chicken tenders soup with onion, garlic, garden herbs, celery, carrots, zucchini, parsnip and orzo little noodles, tasty stuff for lunch now and three batches. Next I cooked up some spaghetti sauce of onion, mushrooms, garlic, garden herbs, the hamburger, O tomato diced, celery and zucchini with a hint of star anise for ten minutes to sweeten it up. I cooked up a batch of fusilli spiral noodles to go with it, two batches saved and a half for right now, good stuff.
Donning gloves I removed the poison oak red vardo cushion covers, threw them in the washer with the orange curtains and scarves. I ran them on cold as I don’t want the covers to shrink, but I used two caps detergent and a large dollop of the poison oak soap. The oils are gone for sure. I hung them up to dry outside under the trailer roof beams with spring clamps and clothes pins.
Next I attached a cross beam 25 3/4″ to the bed extension bench with two screws on each end to keep it from flexing, now in an “H” brace. It’s a strong enough bench.
I just made a batch of that O popcorn, yum, back to the report.
Time to play, I’ve been wanting to make some wooden boxes for the LM386 amplifiers I’ve been making for simple guitar amps. I ordered more parts from Mouser electronics Friday eve, for jacks and switches cheaper than Radio Shack. I found a nice piece of mahogany wide enough to fit an Altoids box, cut it in half height wise on the table saw. I cut some grooves for panels, set the fence with a block to cut the lengths with the cross slide. Adjusting the fence and block to the width of the stock, using a scrap extension and cross slide I cut away rabbits on the long sides with a few passes. Nice box sides. I measured the distance plus the grooves on the long side and the width of the short sides, cut some panels for top and bottom. Adjustments of panels on the sander so they fit, each individual box. Four rough units to be sanded true after fitting components and gluing.
I need to get the router pattern made for theĀ long bridge pickup. I cut a piece of scrap birch plywood long enough for the pattern but short enough to use the jewelers saw for an accurate pattern, transferred from the paper. Hand drilled holes for the saw blade, I cut it out. I’ll need to clamp it further out, cutting a longer piece of plywood, marked and rough cut with the jigsaw oversize as the daylight is failing. Filing the pattern true, I’ll need to glue the two pieces together and test the pattern next week.

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