I drilled the bass guitar bridge this evening, at work using the milling machine. It looks good. Here is a pic of the back inlays to cover the electronics and lighten up the hickory with the bridge and a pearl disk for the head emblem, probably my old English D. It’s really hard to cut with router freehand. I’ll need to inlay a border.


I talked to Wayne, he recommends a template for cutting the pickup cavities in front. I’ll research that.

But a lot has been done, the bridge is ready with holes the size of the wrapped strings. I plan on attaching it glued with a couple screws and pearl dots to cover. I’m ready to hog out material from the back hickory to lighten it up and provide electronics space. I have a prototype Altoids pocket amp with more parts on order using an LM386  audio opamp. It works great with Crosby, Stills, Nash playing through it. It has the mod for a bass amp and jacks 1/4″ input, 1/8″ output, a simple circuit with a lot of sound. I’ll leave it on the outside not a preamp, but it’s a good practice amp. I like it.

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