Luis is working on my truck today, no wheels and freezing outside. I glued the upper wing on the guitar this morning, it’s drying in the living room. I also cooked a soup bone yesterday. I’m in the process of filtering the liquid through a coffee filter to boil down in an attempt to make glue. I cut the bone and have ground it into a fair nut for the guitar. It’s still over size and will need trimming.
Think I’ll cook some pasta y fagioli soup as I found the ingredients on the shelf. No zucchini but oh well. I’ll be using up the good farmers market bacon, garden carrots, onion, celery, bouquet garni, some garden beet and broccoli greens. Off the shelf two kinds of O beans, tomatoes, tortellini noodles and O chicken broth. The bacon is sizzling away. Time to cook and be warm. The Pasta y Fagioli soup turned out wonderful, real bacony.
The wings are on the guitar and the nut is carved to size. The bone glue project seems OK as I have a bunch of flakes to reconstitute into glue when ready and more in the oven keeping it warm here. I used Titebond on the guitar, no risks there. I still need to carve down the places where the pieces meet. It’s a heavy guitar now, but I’ll lighten it up with the router.
I cut another piece of bone and made a flat slab of it thinking of a possible bridge, though I probably will go with a machined unit. Still it’s a nice piece of material. There is the nut too.
I sanded the nut down to fit, carved the head stock a bit to fit it in. I marked the arch of the fret board and sketched it out a ways, grinding the fit on the lapidary sander, then hand sanding down in grits to 220. After I fit the strings I’ll sand it finer and polish.
I got my truck back, but not done yet, the flywheel is the wrong one, new on order due tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll take Wednesday off to get it right.  Lots done though, a good day of guitar work and experiments with making glue.

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