An interesting day, I started with raw fried potatoes like Dad made, grated and thrown in the oiled pan on low 15 minutes brown, flipped another 15 minutes, yum. Raven got a text this morning from a person with a black VW bug, what she wants. Sure, we can go, I want coffee on the way. She gets phone coverage as we drive to town, the lady says tomorrow at noon is good, OK then.
We arrive at Bucky’s for coffee, Raven picks up a few things. We decide to go home and get Lori’s stuff packed and delivered to the Salvation Army. Back at the Sally’s we get a receipt and go shopping. I find a rosewood whale with broken fins, but it’s rosewood, I’ll cut it up. Also, they had a box of phone covers, I found one that just fits my phone, an Apple 4 case, clearish with a zebra pattern on back, stylish. I like it. Raven found a decorative but useful broom once we removed the bows and a couple small baskets.
We’re both cold, let’s drive to town in the warm truck, for chai and soy milk. Shelton’s has the soy milk, a broccoli for soups. Big John’s has chai. I pick up a pound of small button mushrooms to marinade, a whole chicken to roast and some red peppers to roast for the potluck next week. I’m making an antipasto plate.
Back home I fire up the oven 350,  prep the bird oiled and trussed, too bad it’s not brined. I can use chicken for lunches and soups. Raven throws in a sweet potato, me a couple potatoes. Meanwhile, I make a batch of soup, frozen O chicken thawed in the running water, a zucchini, carrots, celery, garlic, garden herbs, all the stems from the button mushrooms, half an onion.
The other half I use for the button mushrooms, with garlic, more herbs, fried in lots of olive oil in Lori’s big Emeril pan. I need a lemon, out back to the tree, pick four they’re ready, zest one and juice it. A large glug of balsamic vinegar, white wine simmered off. A tasted onion, these will be great in a few days, the party’s on Tuesday.
While I’m cooking the mushrooms, Raven hit’s the chicken soup, good stuff needs salt. With all this cooking, the house is warm. The soup makes it better.
The roasted chicken is done inside measured at 165 F in between the leg and body. The yam is done, the potatoes need more as I was busy to get them in late.
Raven is off for a walk as I carve the bird, returned with an ordered package, cool. The cat is happy with chicken scraps. I put the carcass in a pot of water for a great bone soup broth, let it cook for hours.
The package turns out to be pearl dots, wow. I hadn’t expected them until after Christmas. These are for the guitar neck dots. Excellent timing. I measure each fret section and punch a start dot. I bring in the bench drill press as it’s too cold outside. A stack of books levels the neck with a 2 x 3 to back the neck level. Tape for a depth stop using a ‘C’ bit closest match to 6 mm, I drilled them. I missed on two off center, just a little. There are a few ways to correct it. Best would be to inlay a piece between the frets then re dot it.
Next I drilled the peg holes in the tuning head. Leveling the head using books under the drill press. I drilled the pilot holes first same size as the dots, then inserted the 1/2 inch bit. I drilled the back part way through, then cleared it from the top to prevent back chipping. The tuner still doesn’t fit. I found a rat tail round rasp in the shop, using this I open the holes until the tuner fits. I fitted two tuners. I’ll get the rest tomorrow.

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